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iOS 5.0.1 untethered Jailbreak!

It’s about friggin time!

My iPhone 4 has been kept in the dark ages for the past few months while I refuse to upgrade to the latest iOS in fear of losing all of my ‘aquired’ apps. But, its finally here and I can move back in with the times. Hopefully someone will pull their finger out though and encorporate it into It’s a ballache trying to explain to someone less than semi-technical how to use Redsn0w…

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Facebook – Timeline

I’ve heard some pretty bad things about timeline on the news. The way that it opens up your privacy and also the fact that Facebook have all this information on you that they store for eternity.

In my opinion, its only stuff that you’ve posted in the past. If you don’t want people to have it, don’t post it in the first place. If you aren’t happy with the privacy of timeline, either A) Don’t use it, or B) change the settings to something more suitable!

I for one absolutely love it. As long as Facebook doesn’t ‘do a myspace’ and crumble in a couple of years, it would look really good to look back on your past few years and I’m sure they knew what they were doing when creating timeline, making people use facebook more to document their lives. Interesting times lie ahead!

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