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Upgraded to ESXi 5.0.0

It’s about time but we’ve finally upgraded one of our ESXi servers to version 5.
Whilst I can’t comment too much on the features because it’s not a part of VCenter I can say that the upgrade process is painless. It is simply a case of sticking the CD in, going through the options to upgrade and you’re done!

As for upgrading the ESXi servers within a VCenter environment I will post about that when I get round to it.

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Office Communicator 2007 wont work! – SOLVED

Frustratingly the past few days have been spent trying to get OCS 2007 working, for some reason it just stopped.

I figured out that because one of the particular automatic services on the Edge Server and the Front-end server wouldn’t start. As helpful as the error message was – ‘check your event logs’, I did this and obviously Microsoft being Microsoft just gave me a load of crap.

After a short spell of googling…It turns out if you have installed Windows Update – kb974571 then the box is rebooted, that The Edge service and the front-end services on the respective boxes, wont start.

Simply uninstall it, expose yourself to whatever this was supposed to protect you against, and you can now use OCS again!

That’s that little mystery solved!

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