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Capital One, Sky Go, Love Film won’t work on Jailbreak!

It would seem as though the iPhone development teams throughout the world are getting wise to people jail breaking their phones.

What I fail to realise is what gain a company like Capital One gets from stopping you checking your credit card balance when your phone is jailbroken.

There is quite an easy fix for this. Search Cydia for a package called xCon. Install it and restart the app which is causing you trouble!


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Major Issues with ESXi 5 Datastore connectivity – latency message

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem with ESXi 5.0.0 but I am having an issue where the event logs are showing that connection to a Thecus NAS device is dropping every 5 seconds to every 5 minutes.

The VMX configuration files int he inventory change to ‘Unknown’ and then roughly around 10 seconds later they come back. The VM 99% of the time doesnt turn off but I have known it to.

The way that the standalone ESXi server is set up in this configration has worked perfectly with previous versions and I can only put down this ‘latency’ message to fcat that I have installed or upgraded I should say to ESXi 5.

The server has 2 NICs that were teamed to host all the VMs on a 10.0.x.x range with the NAS device also on the same range presenting the storage via iSCSI. I know that VMware recommend that the storage be presented on a separate IP range but this has worked before.

I have now tried having 1 NIC set up for ISCSI vmkernel and 1 for VM Network and binding the sofware iSCSI adapter to the vmkernel port for iSCSI but no luck. Next is to add an ip range for iSCSI after that I’m stuck and it will be a fresh install of ESXi 4.1.0 which I know works. The only issue I might have is that I’ve already formatted the LUN that stores the VMs as VMFS v5 😦

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Congratulations…. Manchester City

Unfortunately the season has come to an end, and as expected as it probably was, Manchester United lost to Manchester City on goal difference alone.

Many will put it down to the draw against Everton towards the end of the season that ended up 4-4, or many will say that Wigan beating us was 3 points dropped, but regardless of these results, the buts and what if’s, one thing is for certain. To get beat by your new rivals twice in one season, to have them score more, concede less and play with more flair throughout the season, you have to give it to them. It would of been mightly unfair for them to have lost it in the manner that they could of done but now us United fans know how Bayern Munich felt in the May of ’99.

Anyway, here is to the coming few seasons and hopefully Fergie can do what he always seems to do and rebuld a team capable of knocking whoever opposes us off their perch. Until our next opponent comes it’ll be the noisy neighbours across the City keeping us up…

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