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VMware View 5 – Consolidating Snapshots

I’ve not updated my blog in a while but thought I would write about how safe it is to consolidate snapshots.

I’d heard conflicting reports of how users had had problems about consolidating snapshot chains within VMs that are being used as ‘Gold’ images within VMware View.

Take the following VM snapshot chain…

VM1 >> Team1 >> Updated Apps >> Updated OS1 >> Added App5 >> Updated OS2 >> You are here

I have found that it is completely safe to click on say ‘Updated OS1’ and click delete. What this will do is consolidate where you updated the OS in snapshot ‘Updated OS1’, in to ‘Updated Apps’.

Basically, the tree moves sideways. All the information from that particular snapshot that you deleted, will consolidate in to the one before.

The last thing you need to do is make sure the tree is up to date when it comes to provisioning more Virtual Machines.

Open VMware View Admin console, naigate to the Inventory > Pools > Select the relevant pool > Edit > vCenter Settings > Snapshot, and just relselect the snapshot you wish to deploy from. It may already be up to date with the latest Snapshot Tree information, but just in case I would do this again.

Hope this helps and removes some fear from removing Intermediary snapshots!

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