Office 2013 KMS count will not increase

I thought I would just update a few of you to the issues we have had installing Office 2013 with KMS.

Firstly, we use Server 2008 R2. We had VAMT 2.0.

I installed the patch so that the server would recognise Office 2013, I installed VAMT 3.1, I then installed the volumelicensingpack patch.

I got a count of 3, but this would never rise.

I should give you a little background to the issue. We use VMware View Virtual desktops, and had 3 gold images. After spinning up the gold images, with 5 clients in each, expecting to see 15 KMS count, we had only 3.

After a brief looking around the internet and 2 weeks of wondering why we had exceeded the licensing period and were still getting the ‘The software licensing Server reported that the computer could not be activated. The count reported by your KMS is insufficient, I have found the issue.

Basically when VMware View spins up new machines and uses the prep method, it does not create a new CMID, so the KMS server believes that all the machines are the same one, despite having a different IP and AD computer account.

The fix is to either spin up a load of gold images, or install it on some physical machines, or laptops or something…


Here is a link to the article


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