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Arrived at Last. Blogging from the beach bar drinking a nice blond leffe.
Hope the next 10 days doesn’t go too quick. What’s with the rule at the campsite that you aren’t allowed in the pool with swimming shorts and only ball stranglers!?



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Je vais à la France

The countdown is on until 4th September when I embark on my first ‘drive-on-the-other-side-of-the-road’ journey.

We’ll be driving down from sunny Wigan to Dover and crossing to Dunquerque (Dunkirk), France. From there we’ll be driving towards the east around Paris, down to Dijon and finally via Lyon ending up in Vias (to the west of Montpellier).

Via Dijon and Lyon All that is left is to get the essentials for driving abroad. Now, to my knowledge there is the usual stuff such as driving licence, tickets, passport. Then the other things like headlight deflectors, first aid kit, European breakdown cover, spare credit card (we all know the French wouldn’t mind sticking a couple of 0’s on the repairs of an English man’s German car!)

Trip details

Distance- 1003 miles
Estimated fuel cost – £94.67
Toll Cost – £72.50

Times all that by 2 and its not cheap… hopefully the fact that we’re camping should outweigh the extortionate diesel price!

1 week and 5 days to go….

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