Congratulations…. Manchester City

Unfortunately the season has come to an end, and as expected as it probably was, Manchester United lost to Manchester City on goal difference alone.

Many will put it down to the draw against Everton towards the end of the season that ended up 4-4, or many will say that Wigan beating us was 3 points dropped, but regardless of these results, the buts and what if’s, one thing is for certain. To get beat by your new rivals twice in one season, to have them score more, concede less and play with more flair throughout the season, you have to give it to them. It would of been mightly unfair for them to have lost it in the manner that they could of done but now us United fans know how Bayern Munich felt in the May of ’99.

Anyway, here is to the coming few seasons and hopefully Fergie can do what he always seems to do and rebuld a team capable of knocking whoever opposes us off their perch. Until our next opponent comes it’ll be the noisy¬†neighbours across the City keeping us up…

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Can’t install Exchange 2003 on Server 2003

Had a problem where after installing all the prerequisites on Server 2003, fully patching it, installing all updates and AV I got the dreaded

Exchange is not compatible with this version of Windows.

Now, in the past ive usually clicked continue and that should be that. Although this time it was greyed out!

Long story short… EXCHANGE 2003 DOES NOT WORK ON WINDOWS SERVER 2003 X64


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Upgraded to ESXi 5.0.0

It’s about time but we’ve finally upgraded one of our ESXi servers to version 5.
Whilst I can’t comment too much on the features because it’s not a part of VCenter I can say that the upgrade process is painless. It is simply a case of sticking the CD in, going through the options to upgrade and you’re done!

As for upgrading the ESXi servers within a VCenter environment I will post about that when I get round to it.

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Office Communicator 2007 wont work! – SOLVED

Frustratingly the past few days have been spent trying to get OCS 2007 working, for some reason it just stopped.

I figured out that because one of the particular automatic services on the Edge Server and the Front-end server wouldn’t start. As helpful as the error message was – ‘check your event logs’, I did this and obviously Microsoft being Microsoft just gave me a load of crap.

After a short spell of googling…It turns out if you have installed Windows Update – kb974571 then the box is rebooted, that The Edge service and the front-end services on the respective boxes, wont start.

Simply uninstall it, expose yourself to whatever this was supposed to protect you against, and you can now use OCS again!

That’s that little mystery solved!

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Storage vMotion a Single Disk

This seems like quite an easy thing to do but something that had completely slipped my eyes.

I have only ever known to be able to storage vMotion all the disk in the home directory of the virtual machine I am doing. Even though eventually this is the task that I want to do, I currently am in the scenario where I have a 20GB disk, a 150GB disk and a 300GB disk, of which the task keeps timing out at 87%. Frustrating as this is, it is possible to move 1, 2 3 or however many disks you want at a time.

It is done by the following easy click…


Go through the normal steps, but once you arrive at the next screen where you choose the Datastore, click the advanced button! You will then get a drop down box of where to place the datastore. In my case I decided to move the first 3 disks and leave the 4th larger disk for a job on its own.



And there we go! Easy but also as easy to miss!



iOS 5.0.1 untethered Jailbreak!

It’s about friggin time!

My iPhone 4 has been kept in the dark ages for the past few months while I refuse to upgrade to the latest iOS in fear of losing all of my ‘aquired’ apps. But, its finally here and I can move back in with the times. Hopefully someone will pull their finger out though and encorporate it into It’s a ballache trying to explain to someone less than semi-technical how to use Redsn0w…

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Facebook – Timeline

I’ve heard some pretty bad things about timeline on the news. The way that it opens up your privacy and also the fact that Facebook have all this information on you that they store for eternity.

In my opinion, its only stuff that you’ve posted in the past. If you don’t want people to have it, don’t post it in the first place. If you aren’t happy with the privacy of timeline, either A) Don’t use it, or B) change the settings to something more suitable!

I for one absolutely love it. As long as Facebook doesn’t ‘do a myspace’ and crumble in a couple of years, it would look really good to look back on your past few years and I’m sure they knew what they were doing when creating timeline, making people use facebook more to document their lives. Interesting times lie ahead!

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